Picking Things to Live With

No one say 'curate'...
Good trip.

Good trip.

Because tonight is a lazy Friday in. Never alter them timing.

Aspirations #21: Almost All of It

Rapidly joining Engineered Garments as my (joint) favourites of all time, Our Legacy recently put the new lookbook and their own idiosyncratic ‘presentation’ up. What you sayin’? Mad marl double-breasters? Some sort of teddybear fur twin-set? All kinds of indigo shenanigans? Take your pick sunshine.

As usual, my selections below - main meal here. Eyes down for first few bits arriving in shops now.

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On the Last Subject…

When was the last time you saw a lookbook that had an image you’d happily take as a print?

45RPM Spring/Summer ‘13

Another Tour De Force in indigo and cloth, 45 RPM stuck their Spring/Summer lookbook up recently. As ever, along with Our Legacy (more on that later…) it’s an example of why putting great, great photography first works. Click through for some choice edits, and here for the whole thing.

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Weekend Reading #1: Albert Camus

I’ve not log since managed to pick up a Kindle for next to nowt, and whilst I’lls till be buying books the kindle has meant that I can cram a few more (book buying and reading isn’t a cheap hobby). Something I’ve been meaning to read for a while is ‘The Stranger’, Albert Camus’ narrative on a young Algerian named Mersault who’s life takes a suden, downward twist. I’m by no means well read in philosophy but there’s a lot going on in this short book. Good read.

Listening’s #23: Calvin Keys

As sleek and lean as his playing, Calvin Keys - six string shaman. You can count on something off Black Jazz going on most days round here but it’s taken me a while to get hold of Proceed with Caution. It’s got the progression that most of the Black Jazz artists took at a similar time, less mellow and heavier on the spiritual funk than it’s predecessor. Jazz guitar is rarely my pick but I’ve got time for Calvin.

Still touring too, so take the chance if you get it.

Click through for a highlight.

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Back with a (Birkenstock) Bang!

It’s been a long time - I shouldn’t a-left you, without a post about Birkenstocks to read through.

(Sorry, that was bad).

Anyhoo - glad to be back… girlfriend emigrating to Russia meant August was a write off with leaving do’s, chips in Blackpool and Karaoke in Liverpool.

Anyone who remembers this post might not be too surprised to cop these… finally sniffed out some Montana’s for less than an arm and a leg imported from Japan - and in the always crucial narrow fit. Very good, very uncomfortable (to begin with).

Happy to file these under: future-hippy-surplus-luxe-style (just coined that).

Don’t forget, when there’s gaps between posting there’s likely a few updates on the @pickingthings Instagram.